Monday, 15 August 2011

Flashy Boxes and Children

Well Mumma took her time getting the flashy box going again but she says there is something else wrong with it. She did manage to stick it in my face for a while thoe

So let me tell you a little about myself. My actooal birth-Mum is a Persian x Chinchilla (they think) and my birth-Dad was some rugged tabby stranger, they ass-yume. I had 2 pure white brofurs, 1 tabby/brown mix brofur and 1 sisfur whoo looks like me. The 2 white brofurs went to forever homes with a lady hooman and her muther. My birth-mums hooman kept the mixed brofur and my sisfur is still looking fur a forever home. I am so glad my hooman Mumma fell in luv with my pikture, and brought me home with her. Now if only Mumma could do something with those little hoomans when I need a little peece. I have to find the darkest, tiny space to sleep where they carnt find me.

This is me where Mumma found me, trying my hardest too blend in with the purrtain. Down beehind her bed.

Hmm yoo think she could get it the right way up, wooldnt yoo?

Now the next thing to doo is too get Father wrapped around my little paw. He is not a cat Purrson and Mumma sez we hav too be very careful around heem fur a while, til he gets used too me. For now Im off to sleep while the little hoomans are resting and to wait fur Mumma too fix the flashy box


  1. Aww, you're a sweetie! Welcome to your new loving home! Happy to meet you Happy Cat!

  2. We suspect Father will cave in to your cuteness in about one second flat!

  3. We do not know how your Daddy can resist a sweet little kitty like you :) We think you will win him over soon ;) heehee
    Have some fun today!!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  4. You almost resemble a silver tabby! We found you through Tillie and Georgia, hopefully we can be friends!

  5. I heard there was a new little cutie here and wanted to stop by and say howdy!

  6. Hi Darby you are very cute. It is nice to meet you. We are a family of 3 cats, a dog, our Mom and Dad and two grown boy beans who live here when they aren't at college.