Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Tuesday News :)

First I want to say Purrrs for all the beutifool welcomes on my last post. Mumma apologises for the delay in posts but she says she hasnt been happy with Blogger for the last couple of days, but she finally let me back on to catch up on all the goss :) And let me say a special Purr for any furreinds who have gone over the Bridge. I noticed Miss Peach has found her way, Mumma says she sends big hugs to her family.

Ive just been chilling out, Mumma keeps telling me I have my days & nights mixed up as I love to go crazy tearing around the house at about 9pm. I tell her that after the little hoomans finally give in to sleep is the only time I have to get some good exercise.

Me just being a total girlcat :)


  1. Hi Darby!!! Thanks for dropping by and the nice comments. We are not too happy that Mom is leaving us, but we have a great person to look after us :)
    It's fun to scamper around when the people are in bed,heehee Little kitties have SO much energy!
    Have fun, and don't forget to get spoiled!!!!!

    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  2. Darby
    You are so cute and nighttime is playtime!

  3. No, your timing sounds just right! Now your follow link is missing? Hm may need to try back later.

  4. I just sleep when they sleep, when they're up, when they're gone; pretty much all the time!