Tuesday, 16 August 2011

The Wonder of Pets

Ok, just to let you know, Mumma has decided to let hooman sister have her way and call me Darby. Now today Mama wants to take over my post so here she is.

Mumma: Hi. I heard a great story ( true story) yesterday that I thought I would share. It happened to a dear friend of mine. Ive just changed her sons name :)

"I hear Chevy barking like crazy jumping at the kitchen screen door and really going off so I go to investigate and find David in the kitchen, choking on his apple! She was letting me know that he was choking! David is ok now, I'm still shaking, and Chevy is getting extra lovin'."

I thought it was great. What a wonderful Dog to have!


  1. Darby...that is a nice name :)
    WE like that story too !!!
    WE feel sorry for humans that do not have pets!!
    We are good for them :)
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  2. Darby is a wonderful name for a kitty!
    When you're naughty, your Mom can threaten to "Throw Darby on the barbie", hee hee!

    Chevy is a HERO.

  3. Yay for Chevy!! And Darby...we like your name!!

  4. We hear you are new and has a blog! Welcome Darby, you are a very sweet kitten.

    We also think the story of Chevy is wonderful.

    Purrs from the five of us seniors

  5. We just hopped ofur from Mickey's Musings. Great post and nice to meet you. Good story about the woofie, sumtimes they get a bad rap. Purrs from Prancer Pie

  6. Hi Darby! We saw the link to your blog on Mickey's Musings too and came to meet you.

    First, happy belated Gotcha Day! Very exciting, to be in your forever home now!

    Second, we think it won't take long for your human "dad" to fall in love with you...How could he not? Our mom wasn't a real "cat person" until she adopted angel Chumley back in 2001, and then angel Annie a few months later.

    And last, hurrah for Chevy! There certainly are lots of stories wherein four-leggeds have saved two-leggeds! But sometimes the humans just don't realize how much they need us in their lives! :-)

    -Nicki and Derry

  7. Chevy ! You be nice !
    Darby, I like your name, and I'm on your side